Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sandwich Board

i got to painting in my bedroom...a very small space, even though the studio is big and open...its just so nice to have all my inspirations all around me...that big giant fan is very inspiring..the wooden framed window with trees outside...my jewelry and shiny baubles...my perfume and the bottles they come in...my cushions and pucci prints....



Glow Medi Spa ~ New York

..this only took about 300 hours!...

..photos of the spa to come...they have 5 big canvas prints and 2 originals adorning the spa...I still haven't seen the spa, but am looking forward to it

A Short Picture

...made by bunny and me...

Happy Anniversary

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Lowdown on the Lowbrow

A great documentary on Lowbrow art by Marcus Rogers which I was very honored to be included in with my favorite world renowned pop artists...

Cry Baby Gallery ~ New Jersey

I sold my piece to Paul Green of the School of Rock! very exciting!! The piece was actually a canvas print of the piece which was used for the flyer...

Naked Doggy Treats

Painting Study Sketch

..can't wait to finish it!..

Clothing Line

Screaming Pretty!

Screaming Pretty makes handmade bath products for sassy gals...

Web Design

Band Posters ~ The Hermit

Red Bull

Red Bull Australia skateboard decks for their office walls...

It was a joint effort with an artist pal of mine, Dave Barnes...check him out davebarnes.ca ...he's awesome....

...this is from a high school in Quebec City, Canada...the seniors of the high school are doing a mural of our boards on their wall...cute!...they did ask for permission first, and of course we said yes!

Dirty Girl Uniforms

CD Cover ~ Lily Frost

Plantapalooza Poster

Opus Hotel and Elixir Lounge

The Opus Hotel in Vancouver does themed rooms for different kinds of people...I worked on the character profiles for the concierge programs...

this is Billy....

....this is Dede

...they have an annual VIP party, I have done 2 years of invites for them but lost the file for the second year...here's the first year....

...the themed room characters...
..I also did an ad for them which appeared in the Vancouver Magazine...sure wish I had a file for that one!

Kokanee Beer Commercial Character Clothing Concept Art

For Angelique's Boutique

Friday, May 18, 2007


I got a chance to do a mural at a restaurant called Asia...I also did a mural for a Hyundia commercial...in time lapse! It was HUGE!....I want to do more!

it took 10 days,14 hours a day!

Honey Love Couture

Still in progress...a dear friend's website. An incredibly gorgeous line of clothing that ought to have way more stage time. I'll post the website as soon as we gett'er done...she reinvented the bustle...and it was great to work on something ultra feminine with no hold's bar, thanks to her eccentric feminine charms.

...and an add....

Branding for Paula Toledo ~ Indie Pop Singer/Songwriter


This one went from being a 2 inch high illustration to 5ft high print! its in a really great restaurant called "Zocalo" in Vancouver, B.C. Definately hope to blow more stuff up! BANG!